Printer Repairs

Printer Repairs

Please call: 01380 871962 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We offer:

  • Repair service for all Roland Printers
  • Repair service for all Roland Printer/Cutters
  • Repair service for all Roland Vinyl Cutters
  • Repair service for other printers or cutters (please check)
  • Service is nation wide using regionally based engineers

Printer Repair Service for Printers, Printer/Cutters and Vinyl Cutters

If your printer has broken down or the print quality has degraded to the point where you need to have it repaired we can offer you 2 choices.

Option 1:

In the first instance we will discuss the fault you are seeing and we will attempt to talk you through a solution over the phone at no cost to yourself. It may be that you will require a replacement part to solve the problem and again, if you are confident to try, we will talk you through the process of fitting this at no cost.

Option 2:

If option 1 above does not suit your particular needs, we can arrange an engineer to repair your printer on a time and materials basis. In most cases we are able to diagnose the fault over the phone and will be able to give a clear indication of parts and total cost involved before any commitment on your part. If we are not sure what is going to be required from just a phone call, we can arrange for an engineer to visit for a fixed fee and the engineer will be able to confirm exactly what fault(s) require attention and we can then confirm the costs involved. After the repairs have been completed, it may be possible from the engineers report to offer you the choice of putting the machine on to a maintenance contract to avoid unexpected costs in the future.

Please call 01380 871962 to discuss further.