Second User Printers, Print & Cut Machines, Cutters and Laminators

Roland VS-540 (Library Picture)

Due to the very fast moving pace of the second user market we have stopped listing individual machines on our web site.We now offer both buyers and sellers of second user machines more choice.

For buyers and sellers looking for the best possible price, we maintain a database of machines we know are available and then as we come across clients looking to buy we put them in touch with each other directly so they can make their own deal. We make no charge for this service but we are available to arrange help with any training or engineering support if required.

For potential clients looking for a more supported purchase, we have access to a range of machines which have been refurbished and are available with some warranty and full dealer pre and post sale support.

For Further details please contact us at:

01380 871962 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.