Maintenance Contracts

We can arrange maintenance contracts with Vistec Technical Services on recently discontinued Roland hardware.

The Benefits of Maintenance Contracts

The 2 fundamental benefits provided by a Maintenance Contract are:

  • Guaranteed call out time
  • No surprise costs for parts and labour in the event of a breakdown

Call out times vary dependent upon the level of cover you chose but they are contractual so you do know when your machine will be repaired.   If your Roland hardware is being used as a key part of your business and providing your business with an important revenue stream then knowing in advance what your down times are likely to be in the event of a breakdown will help you to manage your business more successfully.

Putting a new Maintenance Contract on a Used Machine

If your machine is not currently covered but you would like to put it back on contract this is simple to do and can be a very cost effective way of having your machine brought back to it's optimum performance.

Before your machine is accepted onto a Vistec Technical Services maintenance contract, we will arrange for an engineer to make a site visit at a time to suit you.   The engineer will then make an assessment of your machine giving you a clear indication of which parts may already be faulty and will need replacing and which parts are functioning perfectly but are outside of their service life.   If you take out the maintenance contract, all parts which are required to make the machine function correctly will be supplied at a discounted rate.   Any parts which are functioning correctly but are beyond their service life can be replaced at this time at the discounted rate or you can elect to have these not covered by the contract and can pay for the parts if and when they do eventually fail.   You will not get a discount on the parts taking this option but you will still get the guaranteed call out and no labour charge.

To discuss in more detail please call us on 01380 871962