Roland ECO-SOL MAX3 Inks

Roland ECO-SOL MAX3 Upgrade Offer

Type: Eco-Solvent Outdoor Durable Ink
Cartridge Sizes: 220ml (CMYK only) or 500ml(CMYKLcLm + lK)
Roland RRP220ml = £60.99, 440ml = £75.99

Spire Digital Solutions Special Offer

If you place your order for the ink upgrade to the new Roland ECO-SOL MAX 3 inks with Spire Digital Solutions before the end of August 2016 we will offer a special incentive against your order for a set of MAX 3 inks. In addition, we will arrange to have any parts required for the upgrade(wiper blades, firmware update, VersaWORKS Updater etc.), the 2 sets of MAX 3 ink you have ordered along with the additional set shipped direct to you. If you have any unopened ECO-SOL MAX or ECO-SOL MAX 2 cartridges these may be echanged for further ECO-SOL MAX 3 cartridges.

For certain machines there is an additional modification required and we will arrange for a Roland engineer to visit your site at no cost to perform this modificstion for you.

Why Upgrade?

There are many good reasons to upgrade to ECO-SOL MAX 3; after switching, you will save up to 10% on your ink usage*, you'll also get:


ECO-SOL MAX 3 inks meet the latest health and safety regulatory requirements, and have received Gold Greenguard certification, which includes safety factors that ensure a product is acceptable for use in environments like schools and hospitals.

* Average ink efficiency saving of 10% is based on testing ISO N5A data using generic vinyl and generic banner profiles across a range of Roland printers, conducted Jan-April 2015 at the Roland DG Central Europe Testing Centre. Due to the improved chemical composition of the inks, there is a change of colour gamut and depending on application new colour profiles will be needed. New generic profiles are available on

Want to Discuss Further?

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