Specialist Printing Service

Spaot Varnich Banners
Banners with spot varnish highlights.

To help promote our hardware sales we are now offering a Specialist Printing Service aimed at customers or potential customers who would like to start offering an expanded print service to their own clents but who are not ready to invest in new hardware at this time.

This service offers direct to object printing using a Roland LEF-20, direct to substrate printing using a Roland LEC-640 (including varnish, spot varnish and white ink) and White ink printing from a Roland VS series or Roland UV printer as best suited to the application.

Spot Varnish

The Roland UV printers have an extra ink channel which uses a clear ink. You can set your artwork to use this clear ink as a Matt or Gloss varnish or to build up layers to make a texture on your artwork for special effects.  Subtle use of this clear ink to highlight details with a spot varnish is very effective.   The key here is not to get carried away.   With spot varnish, less is more.   The effect is at it's best if it takes the viewer a while to realise why your banners look so much better than the competition.

If you are currently producing traditional banners or roll-up banners and you need to add something special to increase or simply to retain margin in a competitive market, try adding a subtle spot varnish highlight to key areas. The extra impact this creates over a normal 4 or 6 colour print is dramatic when viewed together.

Example of packaging with spot varnish highlights.

If you supply print to Marketing Professionals who may be looking for a very short run of packaging for corporate gifts or promotional items, a spot varnish can add class, impact and value to your offering.

Other examples of items which could be enhanced with the subtle use of a spot varnish might be:

  • Inserts for the front covers of ring binders for high value presentation or course notes.
  • POS materials where you want highlights but the base stock has a matt finish to cut down reflected glare such as posters and wall coverings.   Very effective for exhibition stands, shopping malls etc.
  • "A" boards or close view signage.   Print the graphic on a matt vinyl and use the spot varnish to add impact to the message.

Object printing or rather printing onto an object

Using the Roland LEF-20 we can offer a service of printing directly onto an object made of almost any material.   The LEF-20 can load any object up to 100mm in height. The surface to print must be relatively flat and must be the highest point of the object.   It is not possible to print onto a recessed surface.

Direct printing to gifts.
Ideal for clubs and schools.

Your already supplying your customers with Posters, Banners, POS material and are now looking to expand what you can offer.   Why not try short run pronotional items, corporate gifts or branding small items for clubs and schools as the next step.

The print service we are offering is all run on the machines we sell so if this concept takes off for you, we can supply you with the same machine that has been producing your early orders

Direct printing to gifts.
Direct printing to gifts.

We are offering this service to encourage you to enter a low volume, high margin niche market where you can increase your profits with a view to bringing the production in house when the volumes justify the capital outlay.   In the mean time you cement your relationship with existing customers by offering them a bespoke service without an upfront risk.

White Ink Printing

Printing with White Ink.

Most people think of White Ink as being something you need when printing onto a clear substrate.   Whilst this is certainly a good application it is just skimming the surface of what you can do.   White ink opens up the possibility of printing onto non-white stock and this unlocks all sorts of design posibilities.

Higher margins are available when you have the ability to print labels or graphics on clear or coloured stock.  Apply this thinking to printing on to Chrome, Bronze, Brushed alluminium and other specialist vinyls and a lot of new opportunities become available.   We can offer white ink printing with Eco-Solvent ink or with UV ink.   UV white is more opaque and can print on an even wider range of materials.

Want to Discuss Further?

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