Roland Rental Program

Roland DG (UK) Ltd now offer a Rental Program for certain models in their range. Currently these include the Roland VersaCAMM SP-i and VS-i series printer/cutters along with the VersaArt RE-640 and VersaUV LEF series printers. Spire Digital Solutions are able to discuss the full details of the program and we can arrange the contract for you, however the actual contract will be between you and Roland DG (UK) Ltd.

The Rental Program was originally conceived to help businesses which were sound but who, for various reasons, were unable to raise the capital to purchase a machine through traditional funders. The rental program itelf is very much like a Full Maintenance Contract Hire Agreement commonly used to fund fleet wehicles. You know up front what your monthly costs will be with no surprises for maintenance or repair throughout the life of the Rental Contract.

Roland Rental Program FAQ's

Q. Does the Roland Rental Programme replace traditional leasing or a bank loan?
For many users, leasing or a loan is still the best option. The Roland Rental Programme is an excellent alternative for some customers that may have trouble qualifying for a lease/loan, or have a short-term (min. 1 year)need for some extra production capacity.

Q. Who collects the payments?
Roland DG (UK) Ltd (referred to as RDG).

Q. How long is the rental period?
Contracts range from one to three years.

Q. How will the machine be delivered and installed?
RDG will deliver the machine and the Roland Authorised Dealer will install the machine.

Q. What happens when the rental is over?
At the end of the rental period we will offer you the option to buy the machine at the current street value. If you decide not to purchase the machine, we will arrange for it to be returned to us, the cost of which will be covered by RDG.

Q. Can I cancel my rental agreement?
Customers who hold one year rentals cannot cancel their rental agreement. Customers who hold two year rentals can cancel after one year. Customers who hold three year rentals can cancel after 18 months. A months notice in writing to RDG must be given to cancel a rental agreement.

Q. Will I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, you will pay a three month deposit upfront, which will be refunded at the end of the rental agreement, provided that the machine is in good working order (fair wear and tear is expected).

Q. How do I pay for the rental?
Payment is taken via a monthly direct debit.

Q. What Roland hardware qualifies?
Roland’s VersaCAMM SP-i and VS-i series printer/cutters are included along with the VersaArt RE-640 and VersaUV LEF series printers.

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