Trimfast TFMS A-Frame Board Cutter

Vivid Trimfast TFMS series

Type: A-Frame Board Cutters
Sizes: height 165cm or 210cm or 250cm
Roland RRP: TFMS-165 = £1,299.00
TFMS-210 = £1,409.00
TFMS-250 = £1,673.00

Trimfast A-Frame Board Cutters - Vertical and Versatile

Manufactured in the UK, the A-Frames are revolutionary vertical cutters and offer a high degree of performance & accuracy. They are ideal for cutting a whole range of materials, from corrugated plastic and foam board to aluminium panels and MDF.

The A-Frame features interchangeable tool cartridges which can be changed in under 10 seconds, meaning that you will only need to buy the tools you need.

There are three height options in the range to choose from; 165cm/65", 210cm/83" and 250cm/98".

Now Extendable

All three systems can now also be extended in width to 275cm/108" with an optional extension arm.